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My name is Billy Tucker

I'm an Audio Engineer currently based in Cardiff, UK.

I studied Creative Music Technology at Falmouth University and I've been recording and producing music since 2016.

I predominantly work with bands in the noise rock, post-punk and punk rock genres, however I love working with other genres including hip-hop, pop, indie rock, drum and bass and psychedelic rock. When working with music, I like to prioritise capturing a live essence over being a perfectionist over minute details. Therefore, my productions tend to sound rough around the edges with flaws and character. I'm happy to work with any genre as long as our creative visions align.

Alongside recording and producing music, I used to host The Rocky Rhino Show on Surf Radio, a weekly radioshow where I shared brand new rock, punk and alternative music from around the world. I also played bass in the Falmouth based garage rock band Mothman, The Man. 

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